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  • Rail Capability

    Greenbank Group Rail Engineering Services
    Quality Technical Fabrication Services

  • GGUK

    Greenbank Group
    Enhancing the Performance of Heavy Industry

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  • Piping Systems

    Greenbank Terotech Heavy Industrial Engineering
    Pipework & Conveying Systems

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  • Franklyn Yates Engineering Ltd

    Franklyn Yates Engineering Ltd
    MEICA Engineers to the Power, Water, Process & Anerobic Digestion Sectors

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  • Terotech Abrasion

    Greenbank Terotech Heavy Industrial Engineering
    Erosion & Wear Protection Systems

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  • GES

    Greenbank Engineering Services Ltd
    Fabrication, Fitting & Machining Services

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  • GMH

    Greenbank Terotech Materials Handling
    Aggregate Segregation, Flow Control and Bulk Weighing Systems

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  • Ammegen

    Ammegen Ltd
    Combustion Efficiency and Emission Control Technology

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  • Systems

    Greenbank Terotech Combustion Systems
    Measurement, Control & Enhance

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  • GAIM R&D

    GAIM Ltd
    R&D, CFD, DEM & Advanced Instrumentation & Measurement

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Welcome to the Greenbank Group UK Web Site.

 Greenbank is a specialist engineering group of companies providing design, manufacturing, supply and installation services to the bulk-handling, power, EFW, rail and water and waste water industries.

Aggregate & Bulk-Handling Technologies

Combustion & Air Pollution Control

Heavy Industrial & Technical Fabrication

Industrial Wear Protection Solutions

Pipework & Conveying Systems

Greenbank develops business relationships built on trust, understanding, cooperation and collaboration. As a result, it has developed the capability to enhance the performance of plant and equipment operated by its customers.



Understanding + Cooperation + Collaboration + Capability = Benefit





Greenbank Group UK comprises of:

Ammegen Ltd.
- Combustion Modelling & Assessment Services

- Advanced NOx & SOx Control Systems
- Boiler Tuning and Upgrades
- Combution Tuning and FEED Studies

Franklyn Yates Engineering Ltd.
- Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation

- Control and Automation (MEICA) Services

- Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement
- CFD & DEM Capability
- Research & Development

Greenbank Engineering Services Ltd.
- Heavy Induststial Fabrication

- Machining and Fitting Services
- Rail Industry Compliant Fabrication

Greenbank Terotech Ltd.
- Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant Linings
- Advanced Sewage Systems and Retrofit Linings
- Continuous Weighing Products & Systems
- Combustion Enhancement Products & Systems
- General Fabrication, Pipework, Supporting Structure
- Pipework and Lean Phase Conveying Systems
-Specialist Valves and Fittings

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Greenbank Terotech Heavy Industrial Division

  • Engineering & Design Services
  • Wear Protection & Lining Systems
  • Pipework & Supporting Systems
  • Heavy Industrial Fabrication

Greenbank Terotech Systems Division

  • Pulverised Fuel Balancing Systems
  • Advanced Instrumentation & Measurement
  • Combustion Optimisation & System Analysers
Lignite Removel

Greenbank Aggregates Technologies and Materials Handling Division

  • Aggregates Technologies
  • Continuous Weighing Systems
  • Biomass & Ash Handling Systems
  • Low Dust Transfer Chutes

Greenbank Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement (GAIM)

  • R&D Funded Projects
  • Experimental Test Facilities
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic & DEM

Greenbank Engineering Services

  • Design and drafting services
  • Bespoke workshop repair, modification and manufacture services
  • Project management, operation and maintenance services

Latest News Stories

  • Coal Flow Balancing

    17 November 2020:

    World first for Greenbank Group as it fulfils Indian contract

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  • Rail Forum image

    01 September 2020:

    Greenbank on track with rail sector plans

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  • FYE Logo

    29 June 2020:

    Greenbank acquires Franklyn Yates Engineering Ltd

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  • Cabs pic

    17 June 2020:

    Greenbank strengthens links with rail sector

    Consolidating position as key supplier to the rail sector.

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  • RoSPA Gold Medal Award

    04 June 2020:

    Greenbank Strikes Gold Once Again

    Working Safely, Staying Healthy

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  • India order

    14 April 2020:

    Greenbank supporting power generation through coronavirus outbreak

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Accreditation & Associates

  • acm
  • ce
  • apprenticeships
  • rospa gold award
  • I mech E
  • iet
  • mhea
  • iea clean coal centre
  • rail forum
  • rail alliance
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